Emotional Well-being Program

Because never before have we been subjected to so much pressure and uncertainty.

Talent needs to adapt to fast paced learning and new ways of working.

Now, taking care of the well-being of professionals is a priority.

We measure psychological well-being and design an emotional well-being program adapted to the reality of your organization.

We promote a culture of self-care to achieve high performance.

We live in a Hyper-VUCA world in which talent evolves at lightning speed. Adaptation is vital, everything has accelerated… however, our brain does not evolve as fast and all this has an impact on professionals, with physical, emotional, and mental wear.

We know that prolonged exposure to stress, high levels of pressure and uncertainty has consequences not only on productivity, but also on the health of professionals. 

In addition, the new forms of work that have emerged as a result of Covid-19 are leaving their mark on professionals: Concentration difficulties, mental fatigue, headaches, difficulty falling asleep, irritability etc. These are some of the consequences of social isolation and current uncertainty. 

Never before have so many companies been so concerned and in need of support in this type of situation. 

Now we know that well-being cannot be sought outside the work environment, as if we had to flee from it in order to be well. 

The key is to create work contexts that respect and facilitate the health and well-being of its professionals.

However, the business world is now more complex and changeable than it has ever been…

programa de bienestar emocional
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programa de bienestar emocional

To face this reality as rigorously as possible, we have developed an alliance between BeUp and INECO, a worldwide benchmark organization in Cognitive Neurosciences. Its Director is the neurologist and neuroscientist Facundo Manes, PhD Cambridge, and a standard bearer in the dissemination of neurosciences at an international level. The institution has a team of professionals with extensive experience in well-being and mental health, who develop clinical and research programs. 

That is why the alliance between BeUp and INECO provides knowledge and experience in the field of organizations and aims to generate science-based interventions to protect mental health and promote the emotional well-being of people and organizations.

With this alliance, we seek to offer the emotional well-being program that each company needs to unleash the potential of its teams and create sustainable high-performance cultures.

We diagnose the level of Psychological Well-being, design the most suitable intervention for groups and individuals, implement training and accompany the process.

What you will achieve with our
Emotional Well-being program

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Know first-hand the emotional and cognitive health of professionals to have a real diagnosis of the entire Organization and thus adapt interventions, attending to the diversity of needs.

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Contribute to the well-being of professionals from self-knowledge, understanding, and the development of new skills linked to emotional and cognitive health.

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Impact on the managerial quality of their leaders so that they can lead their teams, from the motivation and development of strengths, taking into account their impact on the effectiveness and affectivity of their teams.

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Promote a sustainable high-performance culture, based on inclusion, respect for well-being, and taking into account new ways of working. 

What content does our Emotional Well-being program include?

  • Introduction to the Science of Wellness

  • Self-leadership and emotional regulation

  • Stress Management

  • Sleep care and leisure and its importance for a full life

  • Food and Physical Exercise as a fundamental part of Well-being

  • Connectivity with others as the main source of well-being: the care of links

  • Commitment and mindfulness as a source of balance and well-being

  • Emotional well-being and assertive communication

The ability to be in the present moment is an essential component of mental health.

Abraham Maslow

How we will work together

Mental Health Mapping
programa de bienestar emocional

Mental Health Mapping: of the initial diagnosis, with which two types of report are generated. An individual report with results and suggestions, and an organizational report, with the overall results and an action plan based on them. 

Study Results

The results of the diagnosis will be used to adapt the contents of the training program that will include face-to-face sessions complemented with online content.

Co-creation of the program
programa de bienestar emocional

A process of co-creation will begin with the management of the company to design the awareness, training and accompaniment program.

Work and communication workshops

Workshops with professionals and individual accompaniment in the necessary cases (identified in the diagnosis). Awareness and communication plan with the entire organization through online content.


We monitor the Emotional Well-being Program, with close, precise and scheduled communication.

How we will work together

Mental Health Mapping
programa de bienestar emocional

Mental Health Mapping: del diagnóstico inicial, con el que se generan dos tipos de informe. Un informe individual con resultados y sugerencias, y un informe organizacional, con los resultados generales y un plan de acción a partir de los mismos. 

Estudio Resultados

Se utilizarán los resultados del diagnóstico para adaptar los contenidos del programa formativo que incluirá sesiones presenciales complementadas con contenido online.

Co-creación del programa
programa de bienestar emocional

Se iniciará un proceso de co-creación con la dirección de la empresa para diseñar el programa de sensibilización, formación y acompañamiento.

Talleres de trabajo y comunicación

Talleres de trabajo con los profesionales y acompañamiento individual en los casos necesarios (identificados en el diagnóstico). Sensibilización y plan de comunicación con toda la organización a través de contenidos online.


Realizamos un seguimiento del Programa de Bienestar Emocional, con una comunicación cercana, precisa y programada.

Organizations that already enjoy their Emotional Well-being program

At BeUp we have successfully accompanied and facilitated the process of adaptation to the complex physical, emotional, and cognitive situation caused by Covid-19 through the implementation of sessions to work on self-care, a positive attitude, stress management in large companies like Orange, Orange Bank, Finanzauto, GSK, Bonduelle etc.

Who are we?

Be Up is the leading consultancy in organizational culture. We have trained more than 5,000 leaders at both individual and group level, from different levels of approach.

Led by Pilar Jericó and Marta Romo, our consultants are leading experts in the field, having made numerous publications and collaborated with business schools such as IE Business School, ESIC, and ESADE.

We draw on neuroscience, cognitive psychology and accelerated learning. Our differentiating value is to always be at the cutting edge, provide methodologies that work and re-evolve the mentality of organizations, thus achieving results.

Thanks to this, for ten years now we have been helping 70% of Ibex 35 companies to strengthen their leadership. In our case, experience is a degree.

Design and implement an Emotional Wellness program

Personalized to release all the talent of your professionals.

programa de bienestar emocional

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