Professional Intelligence

Customized training in Soft Skills

Because technical skills are only 25% of what a professional needs to succeed.

We promote key personal skills in the work environment: effective communication, new ways of working, emotional management of change, and much more.

What is Professional Intelligence? All those skills necessary to achieve a successful professional career. To become a person who exceeds the expectations of the position and is transformed into a key part of the company.

The difference between being an acceptable professional and being an essential professional. 

And this has been proven*. 75% of professional development is linked to emotional, social, and mental skills. To one’s ability to adapt to the environment. To the way we relate to others. To our way of dealing with problems.

Companies with a vocation for leadership understand this. 

Obviously the specific technical knowledge for the position itself is basic.

But in a complex world, which changes at breakneck speed and where technology absorbs many tasks, what we know is no longer so important, but rather what we are capable of doing.

Because the success of a company does not depend on having the most qualified professionals, but on having highly qualified people for collaboration, with a growth mindset, working for the benefit of the organization.

However, professional intelligence is not studied in universities or business schools.

And companies face the big problem of having highly qualified professionals, who nevertheless lack training in Professional Intelligence. 

For this reason, we develop tailor-made training programs that enhance the cross-cutting skills of teams.

From management positions, to middle managers, and the bedrock of the organization.

We guide the people management department regarding the contents and methodologies most aligned with the current (and future) needs of the organization. To raise their sights, accelerate development, and achieve a corporate growth mindset.

We detect the key transversal skills for the success of each company, we design tailored training and implement them with accelerated learning methodologies.

What are you going to achieve with our Professional Intelligence Programs?

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Develop in professionals the soft skills necessary to implement strategies efficiently, achieving the objectives that have been set. 

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Implement cross-cutting skills that allow professionals to exceed expectations. Adapt to change, take on new challenges, and work smarter and more productively. 

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Transform the day-to-day lives of collaborators, with training courses that surprise and cause real changes in work dynamics.

How we teach Professional Intelligence

Our hallmark is to always remain at the cutting edge by

importing newly-emerging ideas from the best business schools and international companies.

We teach with our own accelerated learning method, created after years of research and experience, raising professional intelligence in work teams.

We base our work on neuroscience and use digital tools to reinforce learning. Apps for gamification or augmented reality that energize training courses and surprise people.

We know that many training courses end up being ignored. That is why we focus 200% on shortening the distance between learning and behavior. We provide tools and channels that generate new habits right from the outset.

We adapt the training courses and conferences to the most effective form for your company. Face-to-face, online, live sessions, training pills, apps etc. We understand that professionals have little time and that each company is different. That is why we are hyperflexible. 


Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou

How we will work together

We start from three premises: our own model of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), the experiences acquired with our clients and the observation of trends.

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Initial diagnosis of the needs of the organization. What skills need to be developed to meet current and future challenges?

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Creation together with the Human Resources team of the approach of the training program or workshop.

Objectives and programme
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Definition of learning objectives. Design of the training program specifying the previous and final milestones.

Tailor-made material

Design of tailor-made training materials by our creative team.

Implementation and results

Implementation of training and accompaniment. Measurement of indicators and evaluation of results.

How we will work together

We set out from three premises: our own Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) model, the experiences we have acquired with our clients and the observation of trends.

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Diagnóstico inicial de las necesidades de la organización. ¿Qué habilidades deben desarrollarse para afrontar los retos actuales y futuros?

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Creación junto con el equipo de Recursos Humanos del enfoque del programa de formación o workshop.

Objetivos y programa
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Definición de objetivos de aprendizaje. Diseño del programa formativo concretando los hitos previos y finales.

Material a medida

Diseño de materiales formativos a medida por parte de nuestro equipo creativo.

Implantación y resultados

Implantación de la formación y acompañamientos. Medición de indicadores y valoración de resultados.

Organizations in which we have developed Professional Intelligence skills

At BeUp we have been helping leading companies to expand their talent for 15 years. 

We have facilitated workshops and training programs on Professional Intelligence in numerous companies such as: Axa, Endesa, Enagás, Grupo Santander, Orange, Roche, Mapfre, BBVA, or Alcampo.

Our Professional Intelligence Training Programs

We develop tailored Professional Intelligence programs, because each company needs to promote different skills.

We can adapt to what you need, but these are the themes that we master perfectly: 

Emotional skills

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  • Self-knowledge:. It is the best work tool for a professional. The premise. Because the better you know yourself, the better you can manage yourself, develop new approaches, and transform habits. We use diagnostic tools such as Insight, DISC, or NBI to offer feedback on evidence and start a path of self-discovery.
  • Emotional management: Learn to manage emotions such as anxiety and stress in situations of uncertainty, based on Emotional Intelligence. Maintain energy levels and mindfulness to be productive in any environment.
  • Positive attitude: An injection of encouragement and motivation. Understand what happens in our brain when we live in situations of uncertainty and how to train a positive attitude.

Social Skills

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  • Generative Conversations: Discover the keys in Non-Violent Communication, as applicable to: difficult conversations, negotiations, conflict management, development conversations. Formulate generative conversations through questions and reformulation.
  • Affective and effective remote communication: Construct a clear, concise, and concrete argument. Substantiate and sell ideas. Generate empathy in order to connect and be influential. Tips to develop an applicable methodology in communications. 
  •  How to give and receive feedback: Keys for creating positive relationships that contribute to the success of the organization. Tips and recommendations on how to give and receive feedback.

Mental skills

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  • Cognitive biases: What unconscious biases are and how they impact people’s mindsets, and after that how they impact relationships, decision-making, and organizational culture. Keys for identifying our biases and working on them with a focus on a more diverse and inclusive attitude.
  • Growth Mindset: The way we experience mistakes defines our ability to continue learning and growing. Focusing on mistakes as a source of learning and effort as a value for achieving results. Delving into the power of “YET” and the Learning Instinct that we all possess. 
  • Mental Resilience: How to increase your own motivation and productivity through brain training. Bases and practical exercises to increase attention, creativity, and learning capacity.

Transcendent Abilities

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  • Personal and professional strengths: Through diagnostic tools, we identify and promote those areas that act as authentic growth levers, that differentiate us and where our true talent lies. 
  • Purpose and vision: Purpose gives talent meaning, and a strategic vision helps you look to the future and find a direction. We connect skills with one’s authentic vocation, to discover how I want to make an impact in my department, in my organization, in the world. 

New ways of working

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  • Remote productivity: Keys in maintaining attention and achieving greater productivity while working remotely. How to maintain fluid communication when using a screen. Tools and methods to work remotely in a collaborative and coordinated manner.
  • Remote collaboration: The techniques to create a living network without the need for face-to-face contact, through digital tools that facilitate initial contact, strengthen connections, and enliven online encounters.
  • Virtual meetings: Before, during, and after online meetings: how to plan them, set specific goals, and agree on joint commitments. Resources and dynamics to maintain high levels of energy and attention. How to communicate effectively through clear and inspiring messages.

Who are we?

Be Up is the leading consultancy in professional culture. We have trained more than 7,000 leaders at both individual and group level, using different levels of approach.

Led by Pilar Jericó and Marta Romo, our consultants are leading experts in the field, having made numerous publications and collaborated with business schools such as IE Business School, ESIC, and ESADE.

We draw on neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and accelerated learning. Our differentiating value is to always be at the cutting edge, provide methodologies that work and re-evolve the mentality of organizations, thus achieving results.

Thanks to this, for ten years now we have been helping 70% of Ibex 35 companies to strengthen their leadership. In our case, experience is a degree.

Develop your talent with Professional Intelligence

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